Roger Waters - Is This The Life We..-hq-

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Roger Waters

Is This The Life We..-hq- LP | 2 platen Release-datum: 1 juni 2017 Label: Columbia Barcode: 0889854364915 Genre: Rock
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  • LP 1
  • 1: When we were young
  • 2: Deja vu
  • 3: The last refugee
  • 4: Picture that
  • 5: Broken bones
  • 6: Is this the life we really want?
  • LP 2
  • 1: Bird in a gale
  • 2: The most beautiful girl
  • 3: Smell the roses
  • 4: Wait for her
  • 5: Oceans apart
  • 6: Part of me died

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